Arrhythmia EP

by What We Call Progress

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Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by What We Call Progress.


released April 8, 2017

Lyrics by John Pattison
Music by What We Call Progress




What We Call Progress Northumberland, UK

"This is glitch heaven that beats with real heart and should be clutched to bosoms forthwith" - The Crack, January 2017

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Track Name: Bury Your Love
You and I shamed the fairytale love
You and I shunned the mermaid song
But these ghosts
And little ones
We are not made of coins or bricks

So don't you say a word;
Bury your love

A difficult footnote in your book
A line you wish you never wrote
Between words
Hearts make homes
So build your house on brittle sticks

And don't you say a word;
Bury your love
Track Name: Collateral
I know you feel lost; why am I the cost?
Track Name: January
You pulled the rug from underneath
Tore out my innards and spread them down the high street
Drew a picture of my errant heart and tore it into bits.

The month from whence I came
At 33 comes back to stumble in stilettos across my naked brain.
Pieces left with all I've loved, but which ones do I claim?

And there,
At the death,
It seems a chance to start again.
Start again.

January. Start Again.
Track Name: Part of Me Does
I keep a tin with another life in
The things I'd do if I wasn't forced in
The things I'd do if I worried less.
Part of me.

I try to keep a lid on it
With elastic bands and a broken house brick
But now and then the seams split
And my secrets seep out of the sides.
As much as I don't, part of me does.
Part of me
Part of me does.
Can't keep everything in.

And then I write in big, bold type:
Capital letters, underlined,
But my secrets are found out in time.
As much as I don't, part of me does.
Part of me
Part of me does.
Can't keep everything in.
Track Name: Reason to Let Go
It's not that I'm certain you should stay,
It's just that I don't see a good enough reason to let go.
Track Name: Pulling Strings
I'm pulling strings out of my heart
An exploded diagram of hurt
Pick out and name each part.

Plastinate how we relate
Through the arteries that we've created
Put it on display.

Maybe this will be the making of me.